Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sound of Seventy Three... Still on

In an effort to connect with potential listeners I have 'claimed' Sound of Seventy Three on - my old tracks Autobots and The Great Rest were already on there somehow - and have started uploading my music.

They seem to have a good system in place for helping to connect artists to listeners who will appreciate their music and visa versa. They also have 'buy' links (which I have not yet gotten to work properly) and a royalty program for plays of your music on radio. They will also soon have a feature to allow listeners to stream whole tracks from independent musicians like me who hold all their copyrights internationally. This could be another great royalty stream for a musician like me who is not really interested in or capable of touring.

So now you can help support Sound of Seventy Three by watching the videos on YouTube, buying the tracks from Bandcamp and by listening to Sound of Seventy Three on Thanks for your all of your support!

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