Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Track "Tremolos"

This song available for download @: http://soundofseventythree.bandcamp.com/track/tremolos

My latest song & video. This one is called Tremolos. It features my original Reverend Warhawk run through a Danelectro Surf & Turf compressor and a Danelectro Corned Beef reverb into a Vox Amplug, A Squire 70's Vintage Modified Jazz Bass run into a Vox Amplug Bass with the compressor on, Stylophone, Rotary Vibraphone from Apple's Jam Pack 1, Mellotron strings & 15 Choir from the M-Tron plugin; GarageBand electric piano set to tine, and a couple of new additions to my studio: the Akai LPK25 & the LPD8 from Akai's laptop controller series.

Let me just say that LOVE these new Akai laptop controllers! I've used a lot of midi controllers over the years big and small and these are a couple of the best controllers I have used of any size! Of course there are some compromises with the size but overall I love the response, feel and build of these little controllers. They fit perfectly with the way I like to work. I guess you should not expect any less from Akai.

The video as always was done with my Canon IS S3 and edited in iMovie. I hope my digital Harinezumi is here before my next video so I can use it for a bit of a change.


  1. hey man i like it, the only downside is the drum samples sound way too clean and programmed

    this is what you need!

  2. Is Akai laptop controllers the best out there? I think not. One of my friend told me that she encountered a lot of problems with Akai LC so she changed it to something else which I don't know.

    The best dj controller Lady!