Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Buddha Machine Experiments - "Trial One: Buddha In Bloom"

On their website FM3 state: "We welcome you to remix, edit and experiment with our music! These loops are made available under a Creative Commons license. CC: BY-NC-SA"

With the above in mind I thought that these loops would be a great way to dip my toes into making some ambient music a-la Brian Eno's seminal work "Music for Airports." This track is titled "Trial One: Buddha In Bloom" and is made entirely using loops from FM3's Buddha Machine as a sound source. I took all the loops from the first Buddha Machine and imported them into GarageBand. I selected some that I thought went together well and got to looping and editing them. I wanted the loops to be a starting point but I didn't really want the loops to be very recognizable when I was finished. Anyway this track and video is the result of this first experiment with the Buddha Loops so let me know what you think, and as always if you like my music and videos please subscribe, rate, favorite, and comment. Thanks for watching!!!

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