Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Tremolos - Zumi Remix" Video Now On YouTube

This track available for download @:

This is my remix of my latest tune Tremolos. It features video shot by my SuperHeadz Digital Harinezumi 2++ which was an early birthday gift from my girlfriend (thanks babe!). All the footage you see is unmodified footage straight from the harinezumi 2++ which is not even available in the US yet!

My girlfriend ordered the Digital Harinezumi 2++ and had it shipped straight from Japan (what a gall!!!) and it is everything I had hoped it would be. A digital camera with all the funkiness and quirkiness of a Lomo, but with all the convenience and cost effectiveness of digital... and with video!!! It really does remind me of when I used to shoot with my Lomo LC-A and carry it everywhere with me. It inspires that kind of spontaneity and risk taking when shooting. I know, I know, nothing can replace film, but I am happy with this compromise as if I were shooting with film I simply could not afford to do what I am doing here on youtube.

The music was made by sampling the electric piano part of the original tune on my Zoom SampleTrak ST-224, messing with it, and then re-recording the results into GarageBand via my Korg PX5D Pandora. I also created a drumbeat on the Zoom MRT-3B and sampled it on the SampleTrak and recorded that into GarageBand. I then chopped the beat up and sequenced the parts using the Akai LPD8 and LPK25 lap top controllers. I added the dub-style bass part using my Squier 70's Vintage Modified Jazz Bass and my Vox AmPlug bass with the compressor on. The guitar part is my original Reverend Warhawk electric guitar run through my Korg PX5D Pandora. The strings are several instances of the gforce M-Tron virtual mellotron plugin.

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