Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Song "Shades of Grey"

My latest tune is now available for download at Its titled Shades of Grey and features a monochrome mode Digital Harinezumi 2++ shot run through the Poladroid as the cover.

Musically this features two new additions to my studio the Korg Kaossilator and Korg Mini-KP. I have been wanting these two devices for years so I was excited to finally make some music with them. In this song the synth bass, electronic percussion, and "theremin" line are all provided by the Kaossilator. The guitars are my Reverend Warhawk electric guitar run through a Vox AmPlug plugged into the Mini-KP for delay or reverb. The Stylophone is filtered and delayed by the Mini-KP.

I have to say the Kaossilator is a little harder to play than I would have initially thought. I mean to make noise and effects or generate random music it is great but if you are actually trying to play a musical line it and be quite challenging. I've found using a stylus quite helpful and I am investigating adding a grid to the track pad to make hitting specific notes easier. Its definitely inspirational and fun to use and a great way to generate quick musical ideas. As always thanks for listening.
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