Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sound of Seventy Three... on Magnatune?

I just got this reply to my inquiry about working with Magnatune:

"I listened to all 5 of your albums on bandcamp, and really like your stuff. Pretty varied genre-wise, but always at an excellent quality level.

I'd be interested in releasing all of them as one album on Magnatune. I quickly counted up the minutes, and it seems like it adds up to about 40 minutes. Is that right? Do you have any other music too?


I am EXTREMELY excited about working with Magnatune. Why is this exciting? Well for starters they don't work with just anyone:

"We don't accept everything. In fact, getting on Magnatune is intentionally difficult: we accept only about 5% of what gets sent to us. Your album has to blow our mind."

I am honored to be included in that 5%. Additionally they are a next-generation label that seem to really work with and on behalf of their artists. I've been listening to Magnatune for years through iTunes and am honored to be joining as one of their artists.

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