Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So73 "Shades of Grey - Erhu Remix" SuperHeadz Digital Harinezumi 2++

Download this music @: http://soundofseventythree.bandcamp.c...

This video is a slideshow featuring shots taken in my home town of New York with the SuperHeadz Digital Harinezumi 2++. All photos are completely unedited straight from the Digital Harinezumi 2++.

I started this track by sampling the drums and guitar riff from "Shades of Grey" into the Zoom SampleTrak ST-224 sampler. I then added some apple loops, Mellotron, electric piano, acoustic piano, symphonic strings, timpani, and acoustic drums to the mix. As usual everything was done in GarageBand and the video was made with Picasa. Thanks for watching!

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