Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So73 Tees or CDs Anyone???

So I've been going around the net trying to update the trail of dead websites that Sound of Seventy Three has left over the years from myspace to ReverbNation as I would like new listeners to be met with at least somewhat up-to-date information about So73.

While on ReverbNation I found tools for creating on-demand physical goods which intrigued me. Three hours later I had a small online shop with both men's and women's tee-shirts and an actual physical copy (gasp!!!) of my album, all available on demand! I am not sure if there is any demand for these items but I thought it might be fun to offer them up anyway for those who might want them. Who knows, there may still be some of you out there who would like a physical CD to hold or a So73 tee?

Now I know a Sound of Seventy Three vinyl record or screen printed tee would be really cool but those sorts of things are just going to have to wait as I am doing all of this on a shoestring and cannot afford to have any inventory at the moment. So for now debuting below and also in the sidebar is the So73 physical goods store...


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So73 Singles & EPs Now Out of Print

<a href="">Shades of Grey by Sound of Seventy Three</a>
To keep things simple I have decided to nix all of the singles and EPs on bandcamp from earlier this year in favor of having just the self-titled album available since most of the material is redundant and that is what all the other retailers will be selling. There are two tracks however that Magnatune did not choose to release so I have included them as bonus tracks on Bandcamp in the name of having all the material available to those who want it.

This will likely be the model going forward. I will self-release singles and EPs as I go on Bandcamp, ReverbNation, and similar sites that have no up front charges for selling downloads. Then when I have an album's worth of material I will see if Magnatune are interested in releasing it, and if they are, I will discontinue all the previous releases that comprise that album. So you can consider all of the material I independently release from now on a potential limited release.

The self-titled debut album is now available for download through most online retailers including the ones listed below and may be added to more as time goes on. If you want the most money to go to directly to me, Bandcamp is still the way to go. If you already have a Magnatune account then by all means make use of your unlimited downloads and get it there. If you don't feel comfortable purchasing through bandcamp and you don't have a Magnatune subscription then either sign up with Magnatune or purchase through iTunes or Amazon. Thanks for listening and all your support!






Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sound of Seventy Three Is Now #5 on The Top 100 on Magnatune

This is most of the singles and EPs that Sound of Seventy Three released in the early part of this year collected as one album. Magnatune is a great label and very fair to both artists and consumers. They also do a lot of music licensing which I am excited about. My album currently ranks #5 on their top 100 so listen below, sign up for a Magnatune account, and download all the music you want from their site! You can also now buy the album through and iTunes as well as Bandcamp. And as always thanks for listening!!!

Sound of Seventy Three by Sound of Seventy Three