Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So73 Tees or CDs Anyone???

So I've been going around the net trying to update the trail of dead websites that Sound of Seventy Three has left over the years from myspace to ReverbNation as I would like new listeners to be met with at least somewhat up-to-date information about So73.

While on ReverbNation I found tools for creating on-demand physical goods which intrigued me. Three hours later I had a small online shop with both men's and women's tee-shirts and an actual physical copy (gasp!!!) of my album, all available on demand! I am not sure if there is any demand for these items but I thought it might be fun to offer them up anyway for those who might want them. Who knows, there may still be some of you out there who would like a physical CD to hold or a So73 tee?

Now I know a Sound of Seventy Three vinyl record or screen printed tee would be really cool but those sorts of things are just going to have to wait as I am doing all of this on a shoestring and cannot afford to have any inventory at the moment. So for now debuting below and also in the sidebar is the So73 physical goods store...


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