Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sound of Seventy Three Is Now #5 on The Top 100 on Magnatune

This is most of the singles and EPs that Sound of Seventy Three released in the early part of this year collected as one album. Magnatune is a great label and very fair to both artists and consumers. They also do a lot of music licensing which I am excited about. My album currently ranks #5 on their top 100 so listen below, sign up for a Magnatune account, and download all the music you want from their site! You can also now buy the album through and iTunes as well as Bandcamp. And as always thanks for listening!!!

Sound of Seventy Three by Sound of Seventy Three


  1. I think your blogging it helped, as your now #2 on the Magnatune charts!

    - John from Magnatune

  2. That's great to hear John!!! :D