Sunday, August 29, 2010

So73 - Agile Harm 1 Extended Scale Bass VI Demo

This demo features the Agile Harm 1 Extended Scale guitar (a Fender Bass VI style instrument) played through a Vox AmPlug Bass. First it is played direct, then through a Behringer BLE100 Bass Limiter Enhancer, Behringer FX600 Digital Multi-FX (set to chorus), Behringer EM600 Echo Machine, and a Behringer DR100 Digital Reverb, then finally it is played through the Behringer BO100 Blues Overdrive.

I tried to play a little of everything so you can get an idea of how it sounds: chords; double-stops; single notes; high strings; low strings; up the neck, down the neck, all three pickups, etc.

I'll let you know right now it sounds quite different (and much more "Cureish" and "baritoneish" through a guitar amp so I may do another demo with it run though my Vox AmPlug AC30. Also the webcam also does not do the beautiful Fireglo finish justice.

Hope this is helpful to all those who are considering this fine find instrument. Please leave questions in the comments section.

Thanks for watching! :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So73 "Eternal Grace" - Featuring Agile Harm 1 Extended Scale Guitar / Ba...

This video features my new Agile Harm 1 Extended Scale Guitar, a Fender Bass VI style instrument available from:

It is essentially a six string bass, but plays more like a guitar. It can also be tuned like a baritone guitar if you wish. Other similar instruments are the Music Man Silhouette Bass, the Schecter Hellcat VI, the Gretsch G5265 Jet Baritone, and the Agile Argus Toast, also available at Rondo Music. Since I play a lot of chords and double stops on bass I figured one of these instruments might be right up my alley. Boy was I right! :)

The track is "Eternal Grace" off of my self-titled album available at most online retailers including iTunes,, eMusic, and many more! For more information and links visit: or check out my youtube channel page.

For this video I simply muted the bass part on the original multi-track recording and played along live recording the results with my camera and GarageBand on my MacBook. The signal path was Agile Harm 1 Extended Scale Guitar direct into a Vox AmPlug Bass and from there into my new ART USB PhonoPlus.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy it! :)

Review and demo of this six string bass guitar coming soon!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So73 Featured on Sonic State

Using The Korg Monotron As A Lead Synth

I guess the chaps at Sonic State read Matrixsynth (I actually don't find this surprising at all) as they featured my "Monotron As Lead Synth" video on their blog today.  As a result of the video being featured on both blogs the hits have gone through the roof.  Much thanks to Matrixsynth and Sonic State for featuring my videos.

MATRIXSYNTH: So73 - Korg Monotron As Lead Synthesizer

MATRIXSYNTH: So73 - Korg Monotron As Lead Synthesizer:

Three So73 videos were featured on the Matrixsynth blog yesterday. If you haven't seen Matrixsynth yet it is the ultimate blog for everything synth. Go check it out!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So73 - Korg Monotron As Lead Synthesizer

Download this track free:

I figured it was time someone made a little music with the Monotron rather than just noise. This one is called the Monosong! A short demo featuring the Korg Monotron as a lead synthesizer. Improvised in one take.

The Monotron was fed into my Mini-KP to add delay & reverb. The backing track was created using my Korg Kaossilator for the first drum loop, the bassline, and the chord progression. The second drum loop was created using the Zoom MRT-3B Micro RhythmTrak filtered through the Monotron's MS-20 filter. The guitar is my Reverend Warhawk HB run direct into my Korg PX5D Pandora. Complete list of gear used to create the track:

Korg Monotron Analog Synthesizer
Korg Kaossilator KO-1 (patches P.96, b.31, c57)
Korg Mini-KP Kaoss Pad (program #62 Delay & Reverb)
Korg PX5D Pandora (for guitar effects, amp modeling, and as computer interface)
Reverend Warhawk HB (original w/ bolt on neck)
Zoom Micro RhythmTrack MRT-3B
Macbook w/ GarageBand

Video shot with my Digital Harinezumi 2++ in monochrome mode and edited in iMovie 6 HD.

Monday, August 2, 2010

So73 - Korg Monotron American Unboxing

Just an uncut clip of me unboxing my new Korg Monotron Analog Synthesizer for anyone who is interested. Video shot with my Digital Harinezumi 2++ in monochrome mode.