Monday, December 20, 2010

"Tremolos" Being Considered for Revenue Sharing on YouTube

Almost a year and one album after I first submitted my application for YouTube's 'revenue sharing' program I today received two very brief emails from YouTube central asking me to submit Tremolos and this video for revenue sharing. Not really sure how their system works but I imagine its an algorithm of some sort that when the proper criteria are met automatically sends out the email I received. What can I say? I hope I get approved as every little bit helps. Wish I had been approved for the full-on 'partner program' but I'll be very happy to take this step forward and hope that someday my listener / viewership warrants "YouTube partner" status.


  1. Great sound you've got going on here. Can I pick your brain on the drums? What drum kit from Garageband are you using and what other type of EQ/post production are set?

    Also, do you find that the Garageband Jam Packs are worth the extra cost? Thanks!

  2. @ Darren: The drums are all Addictive Drums. Any "natural" sounding drums you hear on my recordings are all Addictive Drums. While I try my best to record on a minimal budget and use entry level gear. I have found that there are just certain things that you must shell out for. One is a dedicated acoustic drum virtual instrument. I don't do a lot of eq or post, I try to get the best or most interesting sound going in. I print guitars with effects and most of the tweaking of the drum sound is done in addictive drums. I will use some compression from garageband on the drum set stem depending on the sound I am going for. Hope this helps!